MHA’s quantum specialists are experienced quantity surveyors well equipped to conduct the most detailed of investigations into procurement, measurement and cost related issues.

The team has developed and applied innovative software to process and filter all data arising from contractors’ claims and company accounts.

Given our background, we are also able to provide opinions in relation to the professional conduct of design team members in any negligence actions.
In the planning stages of a project, we can advise upon:

  • procurement options for construction or civils projects
  • procurement compliance with EC Directives; and drafting of construction contracts, performance guarantees, terms of engagement for consultants, warranties and the like (but always in conjunction with, rather than in place of, lawyers).

During the progression of a project, we can advise upon:

  • assessment of claims for loss and/or expense, extension of time, disruption and acceleration;
  • valuation of variations;
  • the financial consequences of the determination or repudiation of contracts;
  • assessment of claims for insurance purposes;
  • project monitoring for funders;
  • project audit; and
  • project recovery
  • Following a project’s completion, we can advise upon:
  • valuation of incomplete works for determination, insolvency or receivership purposes;
  • valuation of works, materials and assets in connection with insolvencies, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures;
  • audit of the professional team’s work in the event of any contemplated action for negligence (investigating both performance and quantum); and
  • expert advice and support to construction lawyers regarding the effective resolution of disputes whilst being prepared to extend that support into formal proceedings if resolution is not possible.

Our services can be called upon at any time in the construction process. We are skilled at researching and incorporating into our brief all that has gone before.