Mark Hackett Associates


Our legal support services are recognised for the high level of specialist experience they provide to the legal processes associated with every stage of the construction cycle and every type of construction and civils project.
MHA provides service and support skills encompassing all facets of the legal requirements of the construction and civils sectors.
Our aim is to provide expert advice – at any stage in the construction cycle – in a manner which will lead to the effective resolution of any dispute.
Our services are tailored to the circumstances and they are then executed in a fashion which will ensure the swift and economic – yet forensically thorough – despatch of the dispute. In assessing the wide variety of claims for loss and/or expense, general damages, delay, disruption and the like, our specialist forensic skills are recognised throughout the construction and civils sectors.

It is important to add that our work is aimed at supporting rather than supplanting the input of lawyers; as such, all of the technical staff at MHA are, first and foremost, accomplished construction professionals with extensive experience of delivering construction projects. Since we have worked extensively in the legal environment, we are well versed in presenting complex, technical matters in a way which is user-friendly and of assistance to any Tribunal hearing a reference.

power_stationIn claims negotiation and dispute resolution, we possess the skills which will provide essential support to construction lawyers and others involved in the the dispute resolution process. Having worked as extensively as we have with our legal colleagues, we are proud of the long-term relationships which we have developed and we remain committed to providing the level of support for which we are well known.

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